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Registration Forms & info

Registration for 2022-2023

Registration and Fee Info...


Each student must have the following forms/documents on file with the church office. 

  • Completed Registration Form 

  • Completed Diocesan Waiver and Release Form

  • Baptismal Certificate (for a sacrament preparation class)


The base fee for K-8th is $50.00 per child


Additional fees:

$10.00 per student- First Communion Year 2nd


$20.00 per student - Year of Confirmation 


$75.00 per student - Confirmation Retreat  

Please pay by the retreat date of October 22, 2022. The retreat is for 6th, 7th and 8th grades.

Fees for the program are usually paid at registration, so textbooks and materials can be purchased right away. The office can accept your charge cards and can also make arrangements for you to make 3 payments (Sept-Nov), instead of one at the time of registration, if necessary. Checks may be made out to: St Patrick’s Catholic Church


For further information or questions: Kathy Casas 770-5987

Register Online with My Own Church
or Print Form below

*On-line registration is through "My Own Church", these accounts are only approved during business hours.

For questions contact Nancy at the office 209 532 7139

Registration Form

Registration for St Patrick’s Catholic Church 

Faith Formation Program 2022-23

Please complete fully. All info is important.


 _______________________  _______________________  ______________________

First name                                Middle Name                                  Last name

 Grade in school 2022-23 ____________   Rel. Ed. Grade ____________

 Birth date: _______ _____ ________ Birth place: _______________, ____, _______

                  Month     Date   Year                                       City                      State   Country  


_______________________      _____________________      _____ ______________

Mailing address                                      City                                                State        Zip code


 _______________________  __________________________  ________  ________

Baptismal Date                         City where baptized                        State          Country



Name and address of church where baptized


  • If baptized in a church other than St. Patrick’s, Sonora, it is ESSENTIAL that we have a copy of the baptismal certificate at the time of registration. Sacraments cannot be recorded without it.

  • Not yet baptized 

 _______________      _______________  _______________   _________________

Mother’s 1st name       Middle name                Maiden name           Married name

 _________________   _______________   ______________________

Father’s 1st name         Middle name              Last name 

Check boxes for Sacraments already received:

  • Baptism                                   City? _________________________

  • Confession (Reconciliation)  City? _________________________

  • Communion (Eucharist)         City? _________________________

  • Confirmation                            City? _________________________

Language(s) spoken in the home: __________________________________

Phone numbers: Mom   _____________________ Dad _____________________

 Registration fee paid   Amount __________     Date: ___________

Names and grades of siblings in the program:             

Permission Waiver and Release and Consent for Treatment Form 

For Diocesan Activity/Event

To the Parent/legal guardian: This is an agreement releasing the sponsoring organization from any claims that the parents/guardians may have against the organization before, during and after the activity/event. This form is also authorization for the adult supervisor to consent to any medical care needed by the minor, if the situation should arise.

This agreement releases the ROMAN CATHOLIC BISHOP OF STOCKTON CALIFORNIA, A CORPORATION SOLE, also known as the DIOCESE OF STOCKTON which will be referred to as the DIOCESE OF STOCKTON throughout this document, from any claims that the parent/guardian may have against the DIOCESE OF STOCKTON.

Activity           : Religious Education classes at St Patrick’s Parish, Sonora

Dates: Wednesdays and/or Sundays. September 2022-May 2023 

Sun: 9:00-11:00 and/or 12:00-1:30, and/or Wed 6:30-7:45

Location: Parish Hall, church, and other parish buildings, 127 Jackson Street, Sonora

I____________________________________________________________________________parent or legal guardian of

____________________________________________________________student hereby give permission for my child to participate in the activity named above. I agree to direct my child to cooperate and conform to directions, instructions and rules established by chaperons, parish, or diocesan personnel responsible for the above mentioned activity.

In exchange for permitting my child to participate in the above named activity, to the extent permitted by law, I waive all claims for damages which I have, or which may hereafter accrue to me or my child against the DIOCESE OF STOCKTON, for death, personal injuries, and losses or Injuries to property, real or personal, caused by or arising out of the above named activity/event. It is further understood and agreed that this agreement, waiver and release is to be binding on my successors, heirs and assigns.

In addition, to the extent permitted by law, I release and discharge in advance the DIOCESE OF STOCKTON and its officers, agent, and employees, from any and all liability relating to the above named activity.

This waiver and release form is signed in order to participate in the above named event for my child's own personal enjoyment and benefit and is done so freely with full knowledge of the risk and dangers that are or may be involved. I, the undersigned, have read this release and understand all of its terms. I execute this voluntarily and with full knowledge of its significance. I have discussed the above with my child and he/she is aware of and understands the importance of following all rules set out by the supervisors.

(Print)  ____________________________________Parent/Guardian

Parent/Guardian signature ____________________________________________________


(Print) Mailing Address _____________________  __________________, CA   


Phone # ____________________________ Emergency Number_______________________


Print) Name of Student ____________  _____________ ________________ 


Date__________  Siblings in the program:



Any known allergies or medical issues teachers should know about?

Photo /Video Release

I hereby give St. Patrick’s Parish, the irrevocable right to use my name, picture, portrait, audio, writings, photograph or other likeness in all forms and media, and in all manners, including composite or manipulated representations, for advertising, marketing, trade, public relations, or any other

 lawful purposes, without any and further compensation.


I waive any right to approve the finished product, including written copy that may be created in connection therewith. All video, raw footage, audio, clips, writing and photographs shall constitute St. Patrick’s Parish’s property, solely and completely.


I have read this release and am fully familiar with its contents.


_________________________          ___________________________________

Printed Name                                               Address


_________________________          ___________________________________

Signature                                                       Phone


_________________________          ___________________________________

Date                                                                Witness Signature

Adult consent (if applicable)


_________________________          ___________________________________

Printed Name                                               Address


_________________________          ___________________________________

Signature                                                       Phone


_________________________          ___________________________________

Date                                                                Witness Signature

St. Patrick's Church Cross & Crown Logo 2019-1.tif

Helpful tips for registering online.

Welcome to our new online registration for Religious Education/Faith Formation!


Go to our parish website at to set up a My Own Church account:

Click on the New button in the Religious Education box

Click on the red Lets Go to My Own Church button

(This will take you to automatically)

Click New User under the password box

(This screen will be the parent’s information. We will add the children later)

Choose organization St. Patrick's Parish, Sonora Scroll to the bottom of the list

Type in a User Name of your choice (be sure to write it down)

Type in your First Name

Type in your Last Name

Type in your Phone Number with dashes 209-555-5555

Type in your Birthdate in this format MM/DD/YYYY with slashes

Type in your Zip Code

Type in your Address

Type in your Email then type it in again to confirm

Type in any other email from the last two years

Click Submit Registration

Click Agree

 You will be advised to check you email for Pending Registration

The parish office will approve the account as soon as possible

You will receive another email with a temporary password

Copy(to paste)or write down (you may need to enlarge to read) the Temporary Password

Go to the bottom of the email and click Here to log in right now

Type in your User Name 

Type in paste or type in your Temporary Password

At the next screen type in a New Password of your choosing (write it down with your user name)

Click Here to log in to login and access information



You now have a My Own Church account and can add your family members

Type in your new Password, click Login

Click  I Agree

Click Allow

This is where you would add your children then proceed to online registration

Click the Family Education tab

Click Online Registration

Choose 2021-2022 term

Click Add Student

Choose your Child's Name from pull down menu

Choose your Grade from pull down menu

Choose your Class from pull down menu

Click Save Student

Click Submit Registration

Click Back Home

If you have more children to register -Click the Family Education tab and repeat for each child.



Registration Fees may be paid the first night of class in the office

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