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Helpful tips for registering online.

Welcome to our new online registration for Religious Education/Faith Formation!


Go to our parish website at to set up a My Own Church account:

Click on the New button in the Religious Education box

Click on the red Lets Go to My Own Church button

(This will take you to automatically)

Click New User under the password box

(This screen will be the parent’s information. We will add the children later)

Choose organization St. Patrick's Parish, Sonora Scroll to the bottom of the list

Type in a User Name of your choice (be sure to write it down)

Type in your First Name

Type in your Last Name

Type in your Phone Number with dashes 209-555-5555

Type in your Birthdate in this format MM/DD/YYYY with slashes

Type in your Zip Code

Type in your Address

Type in your Email then type it in again to confirm

Type in any other email from the last two years

Click Submit Registration

Click Agree

 You will be advised to check you email for Pending Registration

The parish office will approve the account as soon as possible

You will receive another email with a temporary password

Copy(to paste)or write down (you may need to enlarge to read) the Temporary Password

Go to the bottom of the email and click Here to log in right now

Type in your User Name 

Type in paste or type in your Temporary Password

At the next screen type in a New Password of your choosing (write it down with your user name)

Click Here to log in to login and access information



You now have a My Own Church account and can add your family members

Type in your new Password, click Login

Click  I Agree

Click Allow

This is where you would add your children then proceed to online registration

Click the Family Education tab

Click Online Registration

Choose 2021-2022 term

Click Add Student

Choose your Child's Name from pull down menu

Choose your Grade from pull down menu

Choose your Class from pull down menu

Click Save Student

Click Submit Registration

Click Back Home

If you have more children to register -Click the Family Education tab and repeat for each child.



Registration Fees may be paid the first night of class in the office

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