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Welcome,  Bienvenido,   స్వాగతం,
Maligayang Pagdating 


Please RSVP to the Parish Office (209-532-7139) by Wednesday, June 19th, so we have enough food.



Warning: Email and text message scams targeting Parish members by impersonating Father Suresh and other Priests.


If you receive an email or text message that appears to be from Father Suresh, asking you to take some kind of unusual action – click a link or download an attachment you didn’t request, wire money to a specified account, purchase gift cards and reply with your account numbers, or simply to reply quickly, watch out – it could be a form of email “phishing” known as “whaling”, or spam.

These messages will give some explanation of why Father needs your help immediately. They may include some story about another person in dire circumstances whom Father Suresh is trying to help. But instead of helping a needy person, if you respond, you will turn over money and possibly your identity information to a scammer.

Because these emails are usually crafted more carefully than your standard “phishing” email, they can be more difficult to detect.

Verify the “from” email

The malicious actors count on people springing into action as soon as they see an essential name in an email. You can outsmart them by looking beyond the name and checking the “from” email address to see if it matches what you know the alleged sender’s email to be.

Father Suresh is always No other variation of his email address is official.

Please Feel Free to confirm requests.

Even if the email or text seems legitimate, if a request seems even remotely “off,” don’t act on it until you confirm it with a phone call 1-209-532-7139 or face-to-face conversation.

Blessings, The Parish Communications Team

Great Memories Made as Our Parishioners Met JESUS ON THE ROAD!

Wednesday, May 22, 2024


One of the largest EUCHARISTIC PILGRIMAGES in California's history, they processed with the Blessed Sacrament from the Tower Bridge in Sacramento to the Cathedral on the way to the 10th National Eucharistic Congress. This procession welcomed pilgrims from all over the U.S. carrying Jesus to the final destination in Indianapolis.

Thank you, Kathy Casas, for the Photo and all your work for this Blessed event. 

Pentecost 2024

Holy First Communion
11:00 am Mass & 1:00 pm Spanish Mass

Fr. Suresh Ery and Deacon Michael Tippet, 

Evelyn Casillas, McKinley Coffin, 
Annalee Erenas, Collins Ferguson, Aaron McClintock, Josephine McClintock, Jayleigh Mora, Josephine Renna, Demetrio Toledo, KaminoFe Vasquez.


Fr. John Fitzgerald,  

Allyson Campos, Sara Casillas, Emanuel Cruz, Anahi Lopez, Samara Morales, Mabel Murillo-Castillo.