May God Bless you All! Father, Yesbou Banka

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St. Patrick’s Parish joyfully welcomes you.

By God’s mercy and the intercession of

the Blessed Virgin Mary and our patron

St. Patrick, you will truly encounter the risen Lord and experience the joy of the Gospel.


If you would like more information about our parish, please feel free to contact us. If you are new to the area, we encourage you to request a new member packet.


I want to meet all of you, and I am available for appointments. 


Please call me at (209) 532-7139 ext: 112 or email God bless.

    In Christ, Fr. Yesobu Banka,

Parish Administrator

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Hello, St. Patrick’s faith family and friends. During this ever-changing coronavirus, Father Yesobu Banka’s leadership continues to be inspiring, encouraging, and hopeful as he serves the Lord here in Sonora, California. However, the coronavirus continues to take many lives and cause great suffering in his home country of India. Let’s Pray with Father Banka as he sings to the Lord in his native language of Telugu. “Lord, please come to save our country and save our humanity. Without You, how can we fight corona? And, how can we wipe our tears of loss if You are not with us? How can we live our life if You are not journeying with us? And, how do we fight and win corona if You are not strengthening us? Come, come and be with us to fight corona. Come and save our country and humanity.”



Kary Hubbard, Communications Coordinator