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2023 Date for Confirmation Mass:

The Bishop’s Office will schedule our confirmation date and send it 

to us (usually in September/October). 

2022-23 Confirmation Information and Expectations 

Year A begins in 6th grade

Year B begins in 7th grade

Confirmation Year is 8th grade


Please submit the following at the time of registration:

  • Copy of Baptismal Certificate (if not baptized here)

  • Registration form 


Forms to be submitted by October 1st:

These will be handed out in class.

  • Forms for the Confirmation Retreat  -  (October 22-23)

  • Retreat Fee: $75.00

  • Sponsor Form

  • Saint Name Form plus a short essay

  • Confirmation Registry Form



  • Regular Class Attendance and Make-Up Missed Sessions

  • Regular Sunday Mass participation

  • Regularly participate in the Sacrament of Reconciliation 

       (Every 6-8 weeks)

  • Help with Retreat Fundraiser, if we hold one


The Stockton Diocese Requires of the Confirmand:


  • Participation in a community service project.

  • Participation in at least one retreat, hopefully, one each year.

  • Participation in a community service project.



  • The sponsor must be at least 16 years old, a practicing catholic, 

          and if married, married in the church.

  • The sponsor must attend a sacrament preparation session.

       We will offer that at our parish for sponsors and parents.

For information, contact Kathy Casas 209-770-5987
Congrats! Class of 2022

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