Family Faith Formation


Welcome to Family Faith Formation! Our Family online classes will continue through April this year, unless we get permission to gather together. If you are not registered, and would like to join us, please contact Kathy Casas at 770-5987.


We have transitioned, this month, to Zoom sessions every Wednesday evening from 6:30-7:30 pm. Lessons are also posted on Google Classroom for those unable to meet with us on those evenings.


Though our classes are designed to be family sessions, they are also intended to be sacrament preparation for those who will make their first confession, first communion, and also those who will be confirmed. These classes, along with a few additional sessions for those who will receive the various sacraments, are required preparation for this year’s sacrament reception. 


Please check the parish website weekly for information about mass times, as they change, depending on covid regulations. 


Confessions are available through the church office by appointment with

Fr. Banka.


Questions and concerns - please call Kathy 770-5987


Please print out the registration form below.  Complete one form for each child.  Please bring completed forms when you pick up your needed packet and supplies.