We’re Back in Class!

Family Faith Formation at Home 


Now thru December - In January we will determine what’s next!

Kindergarten-8th grade (Confirmation)


If you haven’t yet registered, please contact the office

M-Th 8:30-4:00 or call Kathy Casas 770-5987


This is also part of sacrament preparation for the

Sacrament of Reconciliation, 1st Communion, & Confirmation


1. A Monthly Zoom Lesson Related to the Topics for the Month

 It will include: various prayer forms, scripture, video 

        lessons, reflection, discussion, and a family activity.


    2. Three weekly Family at Home Sessions per month

  • Google Classroom Activity Lessons for the whole family

  • YouTube & other video lessons 

  • Family “Scrapbook” Activity - related to the lessons 

  • Make the POPCORN session (snack & fun after the lesson               

  • Topics for each month

                               #1 October - We are all God’s Children, Love One Another, Mercy, Forgiveness

                               #2 November - Sacrament of Reconciliation, Giving Thanks

                              #3 December - Christmas - The Reason for the Season

                              #4 January - Mass session #1 The Greatest Gift - Unwrap it!

                              #5 February - Mass session #2 Overview & Liturgy of the Word

                              #6 March - Mass session #3 Liturgy of the Eucharist 

                              #7 April - Mass session #4 Dismissal - Go Out to All the World!


  We have masses in the hall on Sundays 

            8:00, 10:00, and 12:00 and the 

     Sacrament of Reconciliation (confessions)

  by appointment through the church office.

   532-7139 Office hours: M-Th 8:30-4:00

Please print out the registration form below.  Complete one form for each child.  Please bring completed forms when you pick up your needed packet and supplies.