Welcome To St. Patrick's Pastoral Council  

Thank you to each of our Pastoral Council members
for their hard work and dedication to our parish.
In the Merciful Christ
Father Banka


You are officially invited to be a Prayer Partner.

Please join us!

How to be a Prayer Partner.

O Come O Come Emmanuel!  Emmanuel, meaning “God with us,” was born unto Mother Mary over 2000 years ago on Christmas Day.  As we prepare to commemorate the birth of Jesus, let us look into our hearts.  Our Savior Jesus Christ is the Light of the World and is born spiritually into our hearts every day.  How can we share this Light of Christ with others in our lives?  One way is to reach out to one another in PRAYER; let us be a light to one another as we anticipate celebrating in a special way the Light of our Savior on Christmas morning.

 At our recent Parish Council meeting, members discussed the idea of PRAYER PARTNERS.  What does this involve?  Anyone wishing to pray for another and to be prayed for in return is invited to send their name to me, Peggy Patin, a member of the Parish Council, at peggypatin@gmail.com  If you do not have email, feel free to call the office at 209-532-7139 and leave a message for me.  I will match up people as prayer partners; each partner will pray for the other . . .  in general or for individual intentions; that is up to each prayer partner.


If you have any questions, please contact me. 

May our Advent be blessed.                       

Peggy Patin

Parish Council Member

Get to know our members of the

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Dina Pinocchio, Richard Roe, Bill Ruiz, Christina Welch, Mary Cordes, Mike Kubasek,
Peggy Patin, Raquel Diaz, Ron Cordes.
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