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Catholic icons are religious images that are used in the Catholic Church as a form of veneration and prayer. Icons are seen as a representation of Jesus, Mary, and the saints, and they may also depict scenes from the Bible. They are often found in churches, chapels, and other places of worship, as well as in homes. 

Christian Icons and Their Importance

Religious icons have been important to those practicing all kinds of faiths for many centuries, and those following the Christian, Catholic, and Byzantine faiths are no exception. Iconography is a sacred art that requires certain processes and craftsmanship in order to create faithful and spiritual objects for worship, which is why The Art of the Icon only works with qualified, experienced artisans who create our authentic icons.


Information from:

Dóchas Linn Naomh Pádraig (Pádraig Aspal Éireann)

This is an  Irish-language hymn about St Patrick.  It is based on the poem "Admuinemmar nóeb-Patraicc" by Niníne Éces, fl. 700.

It was written by Irish-born, English-educated teacher, translator and poet Tomás Ó Flannghaile / Thomas Flannery (1846-1916) (ref).


It was published in the Veritas Hymnal 1972, which described the tune as "traditional" and did not mention the author.   This book, and the subsequent hymn-book from John Paul II's visit to Ireland and In Caelo (1999), include only two verses - and this version appears to be widely known and used in Ireland on St Patrick's Day.


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