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2023-2024 General Information


♦ We encourage you to register this Spring, rather than in the fall. It helps us to better plan the number of teachers we will need, the number of textbooks necessary, and provides us the opportunity to purchase the books and supplies in advance of our first session.

♦ Registration can be done on-line or through the office, and the registration fee for materials can now be completed online as well.

♦ You even have the choice now to make monthly payments, if you choose. Cash payments can be made through the office.

♦ We continue our FAMILY NIGHTS on the first two Wednesdays & grade level sessions on the other Wednesdays 6:30-7:30 pm.

♦ First Communion is a two-year process for grades 1 and 2.

♦ In our diocese, the Confirmation Prep Classes begin in 6th grade. It is a required two full year, plus a final confirmation year program. If your child was not enrolled this past year in 6th grade, we have an independent study family program that you may use to make up that one year, if needed.

♦ For questions, please contact Kathy Casas at 209-770-5987 or

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